People often don’t realise how many other things you need to become expert in when you start your own business, outside of your area of expertise. For me, marketing my business and expanding my network has been something that I realised I needed help with.

To this end Michael has been a great coach!! He is helping me think through how I communicate my passion for all things people management & HR in a way that feel authentic to me whilst reaching clients and potential clients more effectively.

When we started working together I was probably really wary and not a little bit terrified of anything sales/marketing related. Cold calling for example was just something I did not do. On the back of working with Michael, I am less terrified. I cold call clients that I’m interested in working with- not a lot, but I do it and have had some positive results, not least realising that it hasn’t killed me. I have also learnt to recognise ways in which I can market my business that are aligned with my values but pushes me out of my comfort zone, and more importantly helps me reach new, potential clients. These two things are no longer mutually exclusive.

I have found our time together inspiring and energising and the work that I am doing as a result is really helping me develop my business.
E-J James, Managing Director, E-J HR Consulting Ltd

Thank you Michael.

Your session really helped me.

Don’t know why but I feel more open to receive good experiences from God, life, the universe after the session.

Thank you so much,
Maria A

I wanted to thank you for the last few months during which you have helped me enormously to increase my self- awareness.
Sarah E

When I begin a session with Michael, I often don’t know what is most important to talk about. My mind is a muddle with a multitude of issues. Michael helps sort out the muddle and work out what is the most pressing issue for me to deal with.

He then guides me through that issue with attentive enquiry and I unravel my thoughts and decide on actions that I need to take. Michael is comfortable with action planning and the emotional aspects of what the muddle may involve – he lets me determine where I want my exploration to go, supporting what is best for me.

Through what appears to be a perfectly natural conversation, I realise that Michael has supported me to find ‘light bulb’ moments which empower me to decide what I need and want to do. Sometimes (quite often!) it is not what I had thought needed doing. He helps me to get in touch with what is real for me. A bit like a spa for the mind, very relaxing and invigorating. His friendly, approachable and very human down to earth approach suits me well.
Christine D


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