About Me

I have a Diploma in Transformational Coaching with one of the UK’s leading coaching organisations, the Animas Centre for Coaching.  This Diploma is also accredited by both the Association for Coaching (AC) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

My other key qualification is a post-graduate Diploma in Management from De Montfort University in Leicester.

My work background is primarily in Marketing having held various leadership roles for SME’s and Global Corporates.  I also founded my own marketing consultancy in 2014.

My career has seen numerous changes and challenges – inevitable perhaps over a 25+ year period. 

I planned, studied and worked hard to achieve my success and, like many other people, have had some ups and downs along the way. 

Unexpected changes can happen in life. Getting laid off in the Marketing is generally regarded within the industry as an occupational hazard and it is something I have experienced several times.  However, I have also managed to get myself fired and some years later, left another company without a job to go to because I was unhappy.  Running my own marketing consultancy has also experienced its highs and lows.

I am a strong believer in self-development and continue to be coached myself so to increase my own self-awareness personally and become a better coach professionally.

Michael Banks